Goat Yoga Horns its Way Into Fisher


Nicole Pomerleau

(Photo by Staff Photographer Nicole Pomerleau)

By Mia Lindenburg ’23, Staff Writer
October 26th, 2022

On Thursday, October 21st, Fisher Student Activity Board hosted goat yoga in LeChase Commons. This event was made in partnership with the company NY Goat Yoga, which hosts classes and retreats around the state.

After registration opened, slots were quickly filled and many students gathered around the event just to watch the goats from a distance. For those that got to participate, the highlight of the class was the experience of the animals getting involved in the yoga itself. As an introductory class, many of the poses were relatively simple and used to relax the participants and encourage the goats to step into their space a bit. By using plank-style poses, the small goats were able to climb on the participants’ backs and even jump from one person to another.

(Photo by Staff Photographer Nicole Pomerleau)

Goat yoga is a relatively new concept, gaining popularity around 2016 after Oregon farmer Lainey Morse started hosting a unique form of animal therapy that developed into what we know it as now. Different types of animal therapy have become more common in the past 10 years. Fisher students are familiar with the use of therapy dogs during exam weeks as a calming tool. With the stress that many undergraduate students are experiencing, new ways to encourage relaxation may be more welcome.

(Photo by Staff Photographer Nicole Pomerleau)

Even those who were unable to attend the class itself felt excited about the opportunity to take the edge off a bit. Senior Becca Marsh said she “was surprised about how fun it was and I didn’t want to leave. I helped clean up … I had one of the goats on a leash and it was so cute, and it was nice to have a little pet on campus for just a little bit.” Wide student interest in the event may encourage more events that take on college stress with non-traditional methods.