The Student News Site of St. John Fisher University

The Student News Site of St. John Fisher University

The Student News Site of St. John Fisher University

The Student News Site of St. John Fisher University

The Student News Site of St. John Fisher University

The Student News Site of St. John Fisher University

Poetry Corner 2/7


Graphic created by Lejla Zornic (Lejla Zornic)



You ever wonder why you’re the person you’re with?

You ever wonder why you have the things you have?



I have a gift of seeing people; noticing the invisible 

I have a gift for understanding with a kind heart 

I have a gift for just listening when needed, knowing when to be silent and when to be LOUD!



You attract the things you want and don’t want in life 

You’re with him because you’re attracted to him, that’s obvious


What are you attracted to?

Most people just lust

Your subconscious has a mind of its own, but it’s only what you tell it 

Be attracted to their mind— the way they think should make your body crave them more

Be attracted to the way they look at you when no one but everyone is around 

Be attracted to the growth and the person they push you to be 

But yet be attracted to the things they’re willing to work on 

Be attracted to the fact that we can fight yet know we’re going to be ok

Be attracted to the pain that they may accidentally cause but yet still are learning 



I’m attracted to the way he makes me feel 

Being mentally intimate 

Yet so physical 

The way I crave the “I love yous”

The way we can be so rough and aggressive 

Yet so soft and gentle 

The way you can cry and let me see you 

The way I’m on the road to finding who I can be 



The way I can let go and be submissive towards you 

For I can let you take the lead yet still know I’m not going astray 

Attraction of hours talking about each other’s friends & family 

Attraction to me 

Without a touch 

Wanting to see into me 

For a switch just flips instantly, being you are the center of the room 


Attraction to your flaws that I can handle 

Attraction to the anger I can turn to peace 

Attraction to love being created between the two

Attraction to the intoxicating minds; creating the imagination of our world where it’s me and you 

Attraction where I never stop missing you 

Your face being the first thing I see that makes me smile and know my day going to be good 

Attraction that I may know myself, that it is not just you but we are both visible 

Attraction where my mind self-sabotages anything good going for me 

But the attraction of love 

The energy connecting that we are mates


– Kessan VanGronigen



My heart aches for my mother,

When I saw all the plates on the floor,

And the tables turned,

I could retrace the unwanted dance with my imagination.

My heart aches for my mother,

As she cleans everything, telling me to go on,

She watches me eat after she’s done,

She smiles halfway through.

My heart aches for my mother,

As I call her to let her know I’m fine,

And I try taking care of her but all I get is “ok,”

She claims there’s other stuff that takes longer to heal than an illness.

My heart aches for my mother,

And I’m miles away for comfort,

But I still felt it.

– eve

Dance and Death


a dance with death,

one last time,

One last glance.


That’s all she can think about

while lying next to her lover.

He just doesn’t feel like he does,

like death does.


She glances at him and finds numbness,


what was it like feeling something for him?

she wishes she could recall.


Now all she thinks is about death,

His strong arms that suffocate her,

just enough to not breathe,

To not think.


She isn’t scared,

She just begs for one last dance,

And maybe then everything will be over.

– eve

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Lejla Zornic
Lejla Zornic, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
Lejla Zornic is a junior Media and Communication major attending St. John Fisher University. She currently serve as the Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for the Courier. She dedicates her time to volunteering as an English tutor in hopes of igniting love for learning with the students she works with. She has found a special interest in social media marketing and plans to build her skill set in the digital content realm.
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