Hidden Fisher Gem: Quesadilla Wednesday?


Madison Weber ’23 at Sono

By Madison Weber ’23, Social Media Manager & Staff Writer

Quesadilla Wednesday has become a dining staple over the last few years at Fisher in the Latin-style dining space known as Sono Latin Grill. Monday through Friday, they offer classics like tacos, burritos, salads, and burrito bowls. However, once a week on Wednesdays they change their menu a bit to create “Quesadilla Wednesday”. Picture this–  they add a quesadilla to the menu. Students are able to choose a protein, and add cheese and selected veggies to their quesadillas as well. The meal also comes with a side of rice, beans, sauce, and chips. 

Senior Mina Erickson describes the Fisher quesadillas as “divine” and adds that if Fisher Dining was to eliminate Quesadilla Wednesday she would be motivated enough to go up the chain of command to try instead to persuade them otherwise. “It’s a St. John Fisher University staple,” said Erickson. 

Fellow senior Julia Gerspach loved that Quesadilla Wednesday “adds diversity to Sono’s usual menu”. Gerspach was inspired to try the Fisher quesadilla after watching her peers in class enjoy the classic. Being seniors, both Gerspach and Erickson have had Fisher dining for years now and both touched on repetitiveness as being an aspect of college dining they don’t love. According to Gerspach, Quesadilla Wednesday allows students to “add different toppings to your quesadilla, making it so you’ll never get sick of them”. 

Josh Thompson, Retail Manager for Fisher Dining, said that Quesadilla Day was an idea started in the fall of 2020 by Head Chef Joel Kraft. According to Thompson, Sono is all about doing the little things well; “We don’t have the most options on campus, but what we do we try to make well.” The school renovated the space after the closure of Fishbowl for Late Night to try to make the space fresh and new – which lent a hand in the creation of Sono. Thompson says that due to the small kitchen, however Quesadilla Day “went away for a little bit, but so many people wanted it and asked us about it constantly that we brought it back.” He maintained that they limit the quesadillas to Wednesdays so that the novelty doesn’t wear off and students still enjoy them – in addition to the difficulties associated with a smaller kitchen; “It’s a challenge for us in a small space, but everyone wants it so we make it work”.

Erickson did voice concern about the type of chicken previously used; “I’m begging on my knees for Sono to bring back the shredded chicken.” Thompson clarified that the shredded chicken is in fact back, and had been previously halted due to Covid shortages. Their chicken comes raw and fresh and is cooked every single day for students to enjoy. Staff writer Madison Weber was able to make a quesadilla on the Sono grill with Thompson and photos of this experience are included below.

Thompson hopes to encourage students to make the trip to Sono any day of the week; “We are trying to develop consistently good food over here … Whatever is your reason to come here.” Sono grill is currently in the process of coming up with more special menu items, sauces, and cremas for the semester ahead. 

Sono’s regular menu is available to students from 11-3 Monday through Thursday and 11-2 on Fridays, with quesadillas being available all day Wednesday. Students are able to use a meal swipe or spend $7.50 for an entree, chips and salsa, and a drink. Their official menu, including toppings and nutritional information, can be found here