Haunted Hallway a Real Fright!


Katie Tokaryk ‘24 (Caroline Cahalan).

By Mia Lindenburg ’23, Staff Writer
October 30, 2022

To usher in Halloween festivities, St. John Fisher University’s Cardinal Company hosted its second annual haunt. This year, on October 26th, the haunt was hosted on the third and fourth floors of Kearney Hall, the first building on Fisher’s campus.

    As the oldest building on campus, Kearney Hall has often been the subject of rumors of ghosts or other potential curses to the Fisher community. While there’s no evidence of the rumors being true, they set a good setting for Cardinal Company’s Haunted Hallway.

Rory Cook ‘25 and Keara Cook ‘23 (Caroline Cahalan).

    Vice President Caroline Cahalan and President Keara Cook explained the premise for the horrors of the hallway. In their version of Fisher’s history, the university was turned into a psychiatric center after the first class lost their minds during finals week. The third floor, where students lived, has continued to be their home to this day. Cahalan acted as the doctor, caring for the students and leading unsuspecting victims into the building to see what remains of Fisher’s history.

    With the stage set, Cardinal Company received a large number of voluntary scarers and over 200 visitors to the Haunted Hallway. First-year Samantha Residona was in the first group to brave the hallway and said afterward that the haunt was more exciting than she had expected, having experience with others. “Going here and actually being scared was [good]…and I liked the story,” she said.

Cardinal Company hopes to continue this tradition, creating a yearly fright to bring some scary fun to Fisher’s campus. So, watch out for next Halloween!

Josh Morris ‘25 (Caroline Cahalan).