SAGA Hosts a Night of Creativity, Friendship, and Conversation


Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

By Lejla Zornic ’25, Staff Writer
October 4th, 2022

The Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) Club hosted a Collage Night where people’s imagination and creativity ran free. SAGA hosts its meeting every other Wednesday from 8 pm-9 pm in Basil 119 with open arms to new members. On September 28, members were able to explore their artistic abilities by crafting together mood boards, dream boards, vision boards, and so much more. The SAGA E-Board supplied magazines, old newspapers, glue, and scissors to everyone and encouraged others to bring any supplies they might have lying around. 

According to Jeanne Durham, the Outreach Coordinator of SAGA, the idea of Collage Night came from the members of SAGA. She mentioned that its “population really likes crafts” and spending quality time together. While SAGA has already done coloring and painting, it has yet to do a Collage Night. Still, the E-Board has multiple craft ideas planned out for the upcoming semester. Additionally, Durham explained how doing crafts allows people to “express [themselves] using old prints” and “queer magazines” which brings the community together even more.

The turnout for Collage Night was high and the room was filled with conversation. People from different majors were able to come together and spend an hour getting to know each other while creating their unique collages. The experience can offer a much-needed break from the day-to-day life of a college student. 

Last year, SAGA met weekly with a new activity on the roster. It is a little different this year as SAGA changed its meetings to every other week, allowing the E-Board to create events that will capture attention and raise the retention rate of members. Durham said that switching to bi-weely meetings allowed for an emphasis on “quality over quantity” while maintaining “less-stress” for the E-Board throughout the semester.  

If Collage Night isn’t for you, do not fret. SAGA holds multiple events throughout the semester. From people bingo to drag queens, SAGA truly has it all. Remember, it is never too late to join. SAGA allows for individuality to flourish, and it is a great space to find your new best friend.