Alumni Share Advice, Reminisce, and Reunite Over Fisher’s Alumni Weekend


Mallory Schake

Photo by Managing Editor Mallory Schake ’25

By Mallory Schake ’25, Staff Writer
October 1st, 2022

Alumni and students alike took part in festivities during Fisher’s Alumni Weekend from September 23-25th. Alumni Weekend 2022 was packed with activities, reunions and sporting events as Fisher graduates and current students came together to celebrate the community that Fisher has created.

Saturday was the busiest of the three-day event, welcoming alumni of all ages; some recent graduates, others with their new families, and some who reunited with former classmates after 50 years. Alumni and current students alike enjoyed the festivities, beginning with campus tours, a carnival in Keough Quad and wrapping up with the Fisher vs. RPI football game. 

Many alumni admired the renovations and changes on campus that have been made from the time that they had attended Fisher. A crowd was gathered around the new Tepas Firepit located outside of the Campus Center, and alumni enjoyed the new space just as much as current students. Joann Roche (Class of 1973) explained that when she was a student there weren’t many buildings on campus, but now it is a “true campus.” 

Joann attended the alumni festivities with her husband, who was a member of Fisher’s original football team and served as a captain. She and her husband were joined by other members of the classes of 1972 and 1973, all of whom were excited to re-experience Fisher and celebrate its new successes.

The pre-game carnival also attracted many young families, as alumni brought their children and spouses to the campus that they once called home. Many children were wearing shirts reading “Fisher for Life,” celebrating the memories that Fisher has created for many alumni and the many more that families have made and will continue to make on campus throughout the years. 

Throughout the afternoon, current students mingled with alumni while playing games and getting involved in the day’s events. Fisher alumni Kelly Consandine (Class of 2017) encourages current students to take advantage of the different gatherings on campus. “Branch out,” she explained, “join a group maybe that you wouldn’t think about joining, like a club or something and just meet new people.” 

Other alumni had similar advice. Joe Petrucci (Class of 2020) emphasized the importance of taking every opportunity that comes to you. “You don’t want to feel like you didn’t do enough while you were on campus, so just take advantage of everything that Fisher has to offer.” 

Saturday’s campus-wide alumni festivities wrapped up with a Fisher football win, concluding a sunny day of alumni reunions and reminiscing.