St. John Fisher University Makes Plans for Lavery Library Renovation


By Mia Lindenburg ’23, Staff Writer

September 29th, 2022

On Thursday, September 15th, architects met with St. John Fisher students and staff to share projections for the Center for Student Success at Lavery Library. Principal architect A. Quay Thompson and Principal Associate Architect Cindy Kaufman from Rochester’s chapter of the American Institute of Architects shared their vision for renovation.

Thompson and Kaufman have been in careful conversation with Fisher representatives to improve Lavery based on architectural successes in other universities and the specific needs of the Fisher community.

What’s to come:

  • Improved wheelchair accessibility
  • Increased space for study rooms, reading spaces, and even classrooms
  • More natural lighting
  • Exterior design changes that will fit the university’s aesthetic
  • Expansion into the campus center by relocating the bookstore
  • Bringing the tutoring center into a more open space
  • Expanding both physical and digital collections

Construction is intended to begin June 2023. Thompson and Kaufman expect to see the finished product in early 2025, which is susceptible to change. Despite some expected closure, Library Director Melissa Jadlos states that all services currently available at the library will continue to be provided to the Fisher community during construction.

Construction will not be done through total demolition. The architects intend to preserve as much of Lavery’s structure as possible, while changing the interior and the grounds to make a wider space. This technique should allow a more efficient and convenient renovation process.

More concrete designs will come in November, with posters put up on campus and online surveys for student feedback. Thompson and Kaufman are looking for feedback on furniture used on campus that students want to see more of, what spaces in the library are most appreciated, and anything else students want to share.