Halloween is Almost Here: Celebrate with a Spooky Video Game 


By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

Are you looking for some spooky games to play with friends  — or even by yourself at night?  Here’s a list of relevant games for the upcoming holiday!

Games like Team Fortress 2 and Super Animal Royaleor any multiplayer online game are usually running halloween events with drops or prizes that are relevant to the season. 

A fighting game like Them’s Fightin’ Herds runs an event called “Them’s Frightenin’ Herds” which has its own seasonal cosmetics and even colors to unlock.

There’s also Phasmophobia; a game where you play as ghost hunters in dark and spooky houses. It’s up to you and three others to uncover what kind of ghost is haunting the halls of a variety of houses all over the state. Can you and your friends brave the night and uncover the ghosts haunting our homes? If you have a VR Headset, this game works great with it and enhances the experience.

If you’re looking for spooky fun to grind out for the season, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Grab your friends and just enjoy the night together.

Castlevania Advance Collection: Available on all modern consoles

A horror themed experience you might be looking for if you want something a bit longer would be the Castlevania Advanced Collection on all modern consoles. Four horrifying and threatening titles placed into the palms of your hands! Are you prepared to wander the madness that is Dracula’s Castle and see the stories of four different titles unfold? Grab your controller and get to exploring, the castle won’t destroy itself.

However, if you’re looking for some scary experiences, I’ve got a few that’ll keep you awake at night.

Resident Evil (Remake) Available on all modern consoles
If you’re looking for classic survival horror action, look no further than the best remake to date. Play either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine and do whatever you can to survive all manners of horrors and spooks, whether they be zombies or giant spiders that make parts of the mansion their home. Best experienced with the lights off and headphones, however that should be said for the rest of the games on this list.

Cry of Fear: PC only and completely free on Steam.

Have you ever wanted to play a free horror game that was actually good? Then look no further than Cry of Fear, a horror game that was built up from Half-Life mods. Explore, survive, and try not to let the story end abruptly as you uncover the mysteries of the town of stockholm but also, your main character, Simon. If you’re looking for a psychological thriller this Halloween, go and download Cry of Fear right now, it’s completely free.

Killer 7: PC

Remember No More Heroes? The game with Travis Touchdown and the United Assassin’s Association? Well look no further than one of the creator’s previous titles; Killer 7. An action shooter that feels akin to a horror game with a plot and story so deep that people are still discussing it to this day just trying to get everything down. Action shooters won’t get as good as this, so pick up a copy of Killer 7 and see what the hype was and maybe even still is.

Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion HD Renovation: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Are you looking to get jumpscared tonight? No? Are you looking to run from the spookies? Yes? Then this game is bound to be down your alley. Brave 1000 floors of a variety of horrors as this mansion is akin to Dracula’s Castle; a beast of chaos and many forms. Making homages to games like: Fatal Frame, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Clocktower. Endure and see what ending you get as the horrors await your attempt.

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