Looking for New Video Games This Summer? Try This One


By Scott Boyce ’22, Staff Writer

Whether it be a summer internship, work, or just relaxing, summer time is also the perfect time to blast through a couple Role-Playing Games. Speaking of which, here’s a big recommendation: The Alliance Alive HD for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and also available on Steam.

If you’re looking for an interesting experience, by all means, give this game a look, it goes for $50 and offers around 30 to 60 hours of gameplay.

The game itself is going to be awkward to those who are used to a lot of other RPGs and more standard affairs, especially if you’re used to games like Pokemon and only Pokemon. The story centers around breaking the world away from the chains that bind it. Whether that be classism and breaking that down in due time or bringing the world together to come against one common enemy. The game’s central focus is the ALLIANCE in ALLIANCE ALIVE.

Here’s the trailer to express that idea:

What about the world of the game? Well the game’s world is separated into 5 realms: the Rainy Realm, Prison Realm, Fiery Realm, Snowy Realm, and the Sky Realm. 

The game is pretty linear and whenever you’re told to go somewhere and explore, you’re free to do so but when it comes to going from realm to realm, you’re mainly relegated to the story and where it wants you to be.

Gameplay wise, it’s incredibly open and if you’re willing to learn and engage with the game and its mechanics, you’re going to have a pretty good time. The main thing that the game will ask you to do is to have an idea for your party and what you want your characters to possibly do. Essentially, you’ve got pretty standard RPG mechanics up until you start out with nothing and as time goes on, your characters will expand their skill sets the more they use a weapon.

As your characters use weapons of whatever type you give them, they will learn more and more skills and become more and more powerful as time goes on. This extends to their growth, since the main things that really level up will be your HP and SP (Magic Points basically). Your characters have base-stats and you need to work around that, the only way to improve your base-stats would be to give your characters equipment that boost your stats.

Alliance Alive is going to be rough on newcomers and even has a wall around half-way through the game in the snowy realm, so please make sure you have multiple saves just in case you save yourself into a corner. If you’re someone who enjoys a good RPG with an interesting twist on the norms, please give Alliance Alive HD a look and take your time with it. It’s on multiple consoles and offers not only an engaging experience but also replay ability and lots of it.

Have fun with this possible summer pick and be on the lookout for a few more in the near future.